WS Morgan..Death of Maj. Sauerwein


WWI, September 26, 1918, at the Front in France, the Argonne Forest ... Grandfather Morgan was right next to Major Sauerwein... So close in fact that he writes "the Major fell dead on him".

What is interesting... is how we know this story. It is due to an unusual convergence of information sources that when taken together, provides us with fascinating insight into a day in the life of our Grandfather, Pvt. William Sanford Morgan... Co. A, 138th Infantry, 35th Division, in the trenches of France... an American 'doughboy' in no-mans land fighting the Germans.

First, we have a letter submitted by grandfather Morgan to the Nashville Tennessean Newspaper, published on Nov 11, 1931 (Armistice Day), where he describes a chance encounter he had with General 'Black Jack' Pershing at the Front... and also includes a few side comments about Major Sauerwein... It is a fascinating read... Click on the Image to see an enlarged full-version of the letter.   Grandfather Morgan reportedly won an award for this as 'The Best War Story' submitted.

Second, we have a published WWI History of the 35th Division that grandfather Morgan served in... Which dedicates chapter 15 to "the death of Major Sauerwein".   This chapter includes the specific events that lead up to, and includes, the German sniper shot that killed the Major... and we know from grandfather Morgan's Letter that he was right there.   September 26, 1918, 9:45 AM, just outside of Cheppy, France.


Click on Image to read enlarged, complete, W.S. Morgan Letter to the Nashville Tennessean about meeting General 'Black Jack' Pershing.
Grandfather Morgan submitted a 'Story of the Great War' letter to the Nashville Tennessean about meeting General John 'Black Jack' Pershing during the Argonne Forest Offensive... And in this letter happens to mention a Major Sauerwein getting shot... and writes,
"You that read this may know him.  I am the man he fell dead on".
Courtesy of Google Books... "From Vaquois Hill to Exermont", A History of the Missouri 35th Division in France During WW1.   Click on Book Cover to read, "Chapter XV, Major Sauerwein Falls..."
A book on WWI History written in 1919 titled, "From Vauquois Hill to Exermont - A History of the 35th Divison of the US Army", provides "Chapter XV; Major Sauerwein Falls" ... which documents the detailed events leading up to, and including, the Major's death... And we know that Grandfather Morgan was right there... 9:45 AM, September 26, 1918, moving up to take Cheppy.
Grandpa Morgan would have heard the bullets hitting...


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The book, "From Vauquois Hill to Exermont - A History of the 35th Divison of the US Army" - was published in 1919 by Guard Publishing, out of St. Louis Missouri.

Note: The 35th Divison of the US Army was a combination of the Kansas & Missouri State National Guards, both federalized on August 5, 1917.