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LaPeer Family History

350 Years in America... 250 years in Michigan

LaPeer, Ragsdell, Morgan, Spivey, Baker, Smith, Owen... French, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, English, Dutch, Swiss, Swedish, Finnish... These are the family surnames & nationalities that make up our family's heritage... and are then preceded by our Native American ancestors of the Ottawa, Potawatomi, Cherokee, and Choctaw nations. Look here for 'interesting' family Stories, Oral Histories, Pictures, Articles, and Documents...

Who was John McGulpin... and what Landmark is named after him at the Straits of Mackinac ?
The 250th Anniversary of John McGulpin's Michigan arrival is being celebrated Oct 15-16, 2011

When... and Why... did Alice's family name of 'Ragsdale' get changed to 'Ragsdell' ?

What  Ship of the Great Lakes  went down in a terrible storm... and started 'our' LaPeer family line ?

Where was Grandfather Morgan... when Major Sauerwein was shot?
World War I... At the Front in France... Sept 26, 1918.

What famous Morgan relative lost his Wife & infant Son... while crossing the Atlantic from Wales in 1711 ?
Abel Morgan I, famous Baptist Preacher, Welsh-English concordance, helped found Brown University.

What family relative reportedly 'led the mob' that ran the Mormons off Beaver Island ?

Why did the Ku Klux Klan raid ggrandfather Morgan's plantation in 1930 Tenessee ?

Who was 'Lena' ?

What other early relative has a County park named after her in Southern Michigan ?

Who is the Family buried under the Boulders at Aunt May's Farm ? ... And Why ?

Where does the old Family story of "Bloody Bones & GooGoo Eyes" come from ?

What relative had a British Canon Ball shot through his Church in the Revolutionary War ?

Come back again soon... more additions underway.